Naava Grey
Naava Grey
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Gray Naava is a Ugandan Female artist  and one of the few Ugandan artistes to have participated in the Tusker Project Fame competitions.
She is an R&B artist well known for her amazing voice and the good lyrical content in her songs.

Artist Audios

Laavu Eno by Naava Grey Laavu Eno

Naava Grey

Download ,play Alib' Omu song,mp3 on Alib' Omu

Naava Grey

Download ,play Easy song,mp3 on Easy

Naava and Gravity Omutujju

Download ,play Nkwetaga song,mp3 on Nkwetaga

Naava Grey

Download ,play Soka Lami song,mp3 on Soka Lami

Naava Grey ft Speedy

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