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AK47 is a dancehall musician from Uganda, born and raised from a musical family headed by Mr Gerald Mayanja and Mrs Prossy Musoke.

He is one of the fastest growing young talents in Uganda’s music industry. AK47 won the medal of best new HiPipo Charts artist 2012 and was also a winner at this year’s Buzz Teeniez awards. He is a brother to three musicians: Dr Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso. Hipipo.com’s Nicholas recently interviewed him and here is what he had to say.  

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Download ,play Ndi Mulokole song,mp3 on eachamps.com Ndi Mulokole

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Download ,play Ebaluwa song,mp3 on eachamps.com Ebaluwa

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Download ,play Kidandali song,mp3 on eachamps.com Kidandali

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Download ,play Tukikolemu song,mp3 on eachamps.com Tukikolemu

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Download ,play Yoono song,mp3 on eachamps.com Yoono

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