Radio and Weasel
Radio and Weasel
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Goodlyfe Crew is a Ugandan music group with lead performers being singers Moses Radio (born Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo) and Weasel (born Douglas Mayanja). Moses Radio provided smooth RnB vocals while Weasel's contribution is a fusion of reggae, ragga and dancehall vibes. Because of their prominence, Moses Radio and Weasel have formed their own duo known as Radio and Weasel. The Lead singer Moses and Vocalist Radio died on 1 February 2018 from brain injuries after an assault by a bouncer at a club in Entebbe. Radio's attacker threw him down about 3 metres (9.8 ft) onto a concrete pavement which resulted in massive intracranial hemorrhage.

Radio and Weasel also formed The Goodlyfe Crew. The crew saw many changes in its set-up but at various times included Chagga, Lenin Briton, and Lawrence (Goodlyfe Crew). Many of its members had their own solo projects and collaborations.

Artist Audios

Guwooma by Weasel Guwooma

12,984 plays

Malaika by Mowzey Radio Malaika

15,582 plays

Love Arena by Weasel Love Arena

21,738 plays

Radio and Weasel Gods Grace

30,972 plays

We NiWangu by Gift Ov Kaddo and Weasel We NiWangu

26,613 plays

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