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Ugaboy Music is an Afro-pop duo comprising of two artists, both sharing the same genre skills and share ideological competence. It was started in 2016 down the City of Kampala. They have managed to work on several projects which partly have been recorded with Nessim pan production and one with Daddy Andre. Done projects include, Love Hater, Living with You and Instagram. Ugaboy Music are brothers and Ugacoinz follows Zee. Malinga Sulieman A.K.A Ugaboy Coinz was born on 9th October, In Jinja and now lives in Kampala Uganda. He is an Afro-pop, Reggae, Zouk, RNB, recording Artist. He's a songwriter and a live performer. Associated artists include Hid 16th, bwoy zee, Davy rayz, Jerry Dee, Mark Di urban. And others He works with Ugaboy Zee as a Music duo called Ugaboy Music ..and have several songs together. Musunji Mohammed A.K.A Ugaboy Zee was born on 9th of April. He is an afro-pop recording artist living in Kampala, Uganda. He has worked with several record producers.

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Ugaboy Music Oga (Bali Bate)

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Ugaboy Music Love Hater

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Ugaboy Music Again

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Ugaboy Music Living With You

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