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Daniel Kigozi aka ‘NAVIO’ is a dynamic and talented musician, who is among the most recognized Hip-hop artist’s in Africa.

His first appearance on the musical scene was in the year 2000 as part of the group ‘Klear Kut’.

Since then, NAVIO has gone from strength to strength, working his way up the entertainment ladder in Uganda to become the most recognized Hip-hop artist on the continent.

NAVIO a battle MC winner in South Africa has received recognition and awards at both local and international levels.

Navio has 5 PAM Awards, 6 Buzz Awards, 3 Hipipo Awards, a Kisima Award, 4 Channel O and 4 Kora Nominations, 1 AEA in ASIA, 1 Edutainment Award ETC! All for Hip Hop. Not many Hip hop artists in Africa garner as much love from their own people as he does.

Artist Audios

Twegalire by Navio Twegalire

15,477 plays

Baleke by Navio, Nutty Neithan, Naava, Geosteady, Mun G and Martha Smallz Baleke

19,383 plays

Tumunonye by Navio Tumunonye

14,841 plays

Embukuuli by Navio Embukuuli

9,927 plays

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