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Big Lion Entertainment is a Ugandan Music Group hailing from Busoga Region, Kamuli District. The group was founded in 2017 by two friends namely Bulaazo and Ayan. These were later joined by L Jay, King T, Army Bro, Swagga Planet, Peaceful and Sanjoquin. In 2018 around May, the group of youthful Artists teamed up with Busoga’s most talented Record Producer Romeo Beats and off they got started with recording. This saw songs like Fazira and Hadija being released that year.

The group Sings predominantly in Lusoga Language and their style is a mixture of Rap (Lusoflo) and Afro Beat. Later in 2018, Big Lion Entertainment released more songs with Kyetuleese and Fazira topping the local chats. This encouraged them to work harder.

Big Lion Stars pick their inspiration from some of Uganda’s celebrated musicians like Ziza Bafana and they aspire to work their way up the ladder.

Big Lion Entertainment is a group of Musicians who are still studying .The say that school can’t stop them from achieving their musical dream.

Artist Audios

Download ,play Nkumila Omukwano song,mp3 on Nkumila Omukwano

Big Lion Ent

Download ,play Nkulese song,mp3 on Nkulese

Big Lion Ent

Download ,play Kyetuleese song,mp3 on Kyetuleese

Big Lion Ent

Download ,play Hadijah song,mp3 on Hadijah

Big Lion Ent

Download ,play Ffa Kibubbyo song,mp3 on Ffa Kibubbyo

Big Lion Ent

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