Rickman Manrick
Rickman Manrick
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Derrick Ddungu known by his stage name Rickman Manrick.

He is an rnb,reggae and dancehall artist, he is a songwriter,poet and aproffesional footballer. He is under the management of Geoffrey Timo

Artist Audios

Okilinamu Obuzibu by Rickman Manrick Okilinamu Obuzibu

2,976 plays

Download ,play Naye Tunyumirwe song,mp3 on eachamps.com Naye Tunyumirwe

11,307 plays

Download ,play Tum Tum song,mp3 on eachamps.com Tum Tum

6,255 plays

Ebango Baliwanika by Rickman Manrick Ft DT Timo Ebango Baliwanika

29,746 plays

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