Van Denis
Van Denis
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Van Denis originally born Arinitwe Denis is as singer in Western Uganda who was born in Rukungiri bu now staying and working in Kampala. 

He is a Hip-hop and R&B singer and he is regarded as one of the best in such style with the biggest hits like Sweetie and Okimanyi

He is working with super promotion in Promotion of his music in Western Uganda.


Artist Audios

Download ,play Walagawa song,mp3 on Walagawa

Van Denis

Download ,play Tondeka song,mp3 on Tondeka

Van Denis

Download ,play Sweet song,mp3 on Sweet

Van Denis Feat Raster Clever

Download ,play Princess song,mp3 on Princess

Van Denis

Download ,play Okyimanye song,mp3 on Okyimanye

Van Denis

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