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Nadia Rania
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Tendo Diana Juliet (born 4 March 1997), popularly known by her stage name Nadia Rania, is a Ugandan singer, songwriter and performer. She signed under Byakatonda Management.
Nadia Rania went to Kasubi primary school for her primary level, Kasubi secondary school from form one to form three in first term and Kibibi Muslims secondary school for secondary level.
Nadia Rania liked music from school. Few years she met a songwriter called John Kay helping her towards her vocals then he connected Nadia Rania to other people like Larry Chary, Artin Pro, John Mary and others who has helped her to push her music career. Nadia Rania started her music career in 2018 with her first song "Silyejusa" a song that won hearts of many Ugandans hence being on every playlist in clubs, radios, TV and homes.

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Okitamu by Nadia Rania Okitamu

Nadia Rania

Gunsuna by Nadia Rania Gunsuna

Nadia Rania

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Nadia Rania and Daddy Andre

Something by Nadia Rania Something

Nadia Rania

Silyejusa by Nadia Rania Silyejusa

Nadia Rania

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