Yung Mulo
Yung Mulo
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Yung mulo is a dancehall star who was born in Masaka, Uganda but grew up in Zana, Kampala where he started his musical journey with Leone island aka #teamChameleone but after his mega hit titled tebatusobola, he quit the crew and started up his own “BMG” (Bad Man Gadget music) where he’s the director, CEO, and he has kept his style original from the roots which has earned him strong recognition with in Uganda and Africa at large like us on facebook and follow us on twitter

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Yung Mulo Slow Down

2,847 plays

Yung Mulo Like that

3,825 plays

Yung Mulo Boogera

8,133 plays

Ndaga omukwano Gwo by Yung Mulo Ndaga omukwano Gwo

9,582 plays

Yung Mulo She Nana Bad

7,671 plays

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