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MaryNa real name Mary Nantayiro is a Ugandan singer living between Uganda and Denmark. born and raised in Uganda and later moved to Denmark as a 13 year old for further education. From her childhood as she grew up, she picked up interest in music, started participating in various music bands in Denmark, doing karaoke among other musical activities.  It was in 2016 when she chose to come out as a solo musician and since then she has never turned back.

Performances / Showcases.

Mary has performed live at different occasions in Denmark, fx. at Uganda's independence celebrations both in 2016 & 2017, At the welcoming party of Uganda's Prime minister (Katikkiro of Buganda) from Uganda in May 2016, and at several night  clubs, festivals and events as well.

Albums / Songs

In 2018, Mary released a music album voice of souls which had songs like Live your life, No doubt, Mpookya among others. 

She has also collaborated with some of the biggest musicians like Pallaso with their popular song "Password yo" and also scooped a collaboration with the legendary icon Dr. Jose Chameleon with a song "Tokoowa". This song boosted Mary's music career because the song made her more known and to Mary it was not only about working with Chameleon but it was also one of her dreams to ever work with him so she counted that an achievement too. 

Mary has released other singles like Tovaawo,Holy, This time, Bigambo bya bantu and  Nyongera. All these songs are on online and on my Youtube channel  and still more to release with her management. 

She has worked with producers like Kp larsen in Denmark and other popular Ugandan producers like Daddy Andre on the beat, Soni M, Kingzluvin, Ronnie producer, Imon pro and many others. 

Thanks for the continuous support. There is nothing i can do to really appreciate all the efforts and love you show to my music and to my brand as Mary Nantayiro to you the fans, bloggers, media, music website handlers and all the other music stakeholders atlarge.May God bless you all,  Thank You Thank You Thank you  "Mary Nantayiro" says so. 

Artist Audios

Tokoowa by Jose Chameleon and Mary Nantayiro Tokoowa

Jose Chameleon and Mary Nantayiro

Holy by Mary Nantayiro Holy

Mary Nantayiro

Tovaawo by Mary Nantayiro Tovaawo

Mary Nantayiro

Bigambo bya Bantu by Mary Nantayiro Bigambo bya Bantu

Mary Nantayiro

Password by Mary Nantayiro ft Pallaso Password

Mary Nantayiro ft Pallaso

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