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New Chapter Africa
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New Chapter Africa Music is a Ugandan Music Group known mostly as a gospel group and they do all genres of music and inspirational music too. New Chapter Africa (NCA) are based both in Uganda and South Africa, the group is founded by Three members Robinson Jomo, Antonio Amoot and Edwin Lutz as their C.E.O.
New Chapter Africa as known for their breakthrough songs like BINJI, NABIBUSE & OMG.
Band Interest: spreading urban gospel music around Africa and globally.
New Chapter Africa Music has Urban Africa sound that will get your praise going hyped up and making music groovy and perfect for a praise session.

Artist Audios

Kankwebaze by New chapter Africa Kankwebaze

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Mama by New chapter Africa Mama

7,869 plays

Nzitowaa (EDM) by New chapter Africa Nzitowaa (EDM)

7,308 plays

Nzitowaa by New chapter Africa Nzitowaa

7,227 plays

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