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Bantu Clan
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An indigenous Hip Hop/Folk/Fusion/Reggea/World Music band on a quest to unify cultures, celebrate life & express consciousness through touching emotions “Brothers Alliance Navigating towards Unity” Bantu Clan is at once reminiscent of soothing – groovy conscious Hip Hop, while simultaneously hearkening to a heartfelt, down- home charm. The blend of traditional indigenous sounds and western sounds to marry the cultures with authentic rap, melodies and hook-laden conscious lyrics in more than three native languages from Uganda and Zimbabwe is garnering them notice in East Africa and beyond the borders.

The band got its start after the youth & Hip Hop boot camp 2013 which was facilitated by Bayimba cultural foundation and funded by the Royal Danish Embassy Danish and Center For Culture Development , Buka Chimey had a passion for unifying and identifying authentic indigenous sounds, Geno Mafeey, Ljd Alikaliba, and Byg Ben had the passion for indigenous languages which championed our cause and the existence of Bantu Clan. Byg Ben and Ljd Alikaliba left the rap group and then Buka Chimey scouted out a vocalist from Zimbabwe who had a unique vocal ability and composing creativity and later a legendary producer/song writer Mukalazi David who has watched Uganda’s music industry grow from 1995 to date believed in their vision and became their official producer/ god father. After a long dialogue about playing live between Buka Chimey and Ernest Otim a talented producer, composer, instrumentalist famously known as the Groove king for his bass solos which are wildly inventive, fervently imitated and transcribed by young musicians all over the world agreed to become their music director and producer then later a church boy, classic drummer and percussionist Bowgy Donald was scouted out by Buka Chimey because of his music ear and ability to adjust and improvise to anything or any genre.

Mc Twitch a female emcee is the band’s most recent addition. Her vocals and ability to capture the crowd uniquely make her out standing from the female emcees in Uganda was also scouted out by Buka Chimey from the youth and Hip Hop boot camp 2014 further adds to the dynamic quality to the band’s music.

Bantu Clan to is now signed to Bantu Pro Uganda a subsidiary of Bantu Productions inc in Waltham & California and is booked for shows in Uganda and gaining momentum as far as West Africa, South Africa and Europe with their unique brand of “Unifying cultures”

Artist Audios

Useful Idiot by Buka Chimey Useful Idiot

Buka Chimey

Biluma Abayaye Remix by Angella Katatumba and Buka Chimey Biluma Abayaye Remix

Angella Katatumba and Buka Chimey

Biluma Abayaye by Buka Chimey Biluma Abayaye

Buka Chimey

Neyiba by Buka Chimey Neyiba

Buka Chimey

Bitulobesa by Buka Chimey Bitulobesa

Buka Chimey

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