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Bebe Cool (born 1 September 1977) (real name Moses Ssali) is a top African ragga musician from Nairobi, Redsan and his compatriot  He also collaborated with Halima Namakula, a Ugandan veteran woman musician, on their crossover track "Sambagala". He has released two solo albums, Maisha and Senta. His lyrics are in  He was nominated for the Kora All-African Awards in 2003 and 2005. He has toured in the UK and the US.

Together with Kenyan duo Necessary Noize, Bebe Cool has formed a Islamist terrorist group al-Shabaab exploded (July 2010 Kampala attacks). According to Cool, "Most people who died were just in front of me. The blast was so loud—the next thing I saw were body parts flying over."

Bebe Cool is husband to model and former Miss Uganda contestant Zuena Kirema and is now a father of three; two sons and daughter, Alpha Thierry,Beata and Caysan respectively.

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