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Bwamiki Romeo known for his stage name Romeo Beats is an RnB Afro musician from Kamuli District, Uganda. He mainly sings in Lusoga, Luganda and English. Romeo Beats has become a promising talent in Eastern Uganda with His first single “Muba” getting massive airplay on Radios, Bars and Clubs all over the Eastern region to the country’s capital Kampala. His hit song ‘Muba’ has turned into a popular phrase. He is generally credited with the amazing creativity and vocal uniqueness.


Romeo Beats started his career in 2003 as Miming whilst studying at Kamuli College in Kamuli district, Uganda. He later started writing his own songs in 2004. He rested from music for years due to academic considerations. In May 2017, Romeo Beats embarked on Audio Production which saw the opening of D*Tunez, a recording label which he owns and runs as the main audio producer. He has recorded several songs for different musicians from Busoga. However, in May 2019, Romeo Beats decided to give singing a shot, this saw the release of ‘Muba’ as the first project off his forth coming studio album entitled ‘LIFE’.

Romeo’s musical style is a combination of zouk, Ragga, RnB, Afro Beat and Dancehall.

Personal life

Romeo Beats was born in January 1990; He’s a Prince of the Royal Busoga Kingdom. Romeo Beats is a Born Again Christian. He is a politician (Councillor). He attended Kamuli Township Primary School for his primary education, Kamuli College for his Ordinary Level, Busoga High School for his Advanced Level education and Kyambogo University for his University Education. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Community Based Rehabilitation and graduated in December 2012.

In 2002, Romeo was involved in a fatal motor accident with his two blood brothers and a friend which saw the death of his brother and a friend and only survived on God’s mercy with his brother who follows him.


Muba, 2019

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